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From Dark Ambience to Meditative Beats

Relax your body, expand your mind, dance your soul with music created by an artist who dances through the world, an embodied rhythm. Welcome to her soaring shamanic sounds.

Featured Album

BoneDeep Chakra Healing

Seven layers of shamanic journey. From the primordial rumbling of your root, winding up through your body's energy centres until your crown opens to infinite possibility.

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What people are saying

Artboard 1

What a relaxing piece of music. I love the build up with the orchestral instruments, but the music retains its calmness.

— Nick

Artboard 1

This is a magical piece that takes you away . . . The music and sounds are beautifully arranged, bringing a sense of peace and clarity.

— Patricia

Artboard 1

I had to dance. Right there in the kitchen.

— Melodie